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Easy Stack Rechargeable Tea  Lights - 12 Tea Lights
# CAN17677
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Easy Stack Rechargeable Tea Lights - 12 Tea Lights

by Candle Impressions

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Price: $299.99 $279.00

Easy Stack Rechargeable Tea Lights - 12 Tea Lights by Candle Impressions

Easy Stack Rechargeable Flameless tea lights by Candle Impressions. Premium Quality Commercial grade rechargeable tea lights.


From the the largest manufacturer of flameless candles in the world comes the most sophisticated line of Rechargeable Candles on the market. 3 features set them apart from the rest of the candles out there:

1) EasyStackTM Charging Tray: You can connect up to 4 charging trays together to charge up to 48 candles at once. The EasyStackTM Trays stack upwards, so they use 4 times less countertop space than having 4 independent bases.

2) More Than Just Tea Lights: Enjoy the flexibility to choose from rechargeable Tea Lights, as well as two styles of rechargeable votives, with our patented realistic wick design

3) SureChargeTM Technology: The brains of the operation. This exclusive technology allows these rechargeable candles to charge faster than any product on the market. One 3-hour charge will yield 15 hours of run time.

Comes with tea lights, base(s), and power cord


12 indicator lights on each base show which candles are charging (red light on) and which are fully charged (light off)

Candles charge using a ‘contact charge' method. NO PINS. Therefore, the candles can easily be placed in and out of the charging tray without the need to "click" them into place, or pull them out with force. No wear and tear associated with charging or removing from the base. Candles are simply "dropped" into the base and "lifted" out.

All candles are equipped with a simple on/off push button switch.

Due to the long run times of these tea lights, a restaurant requiring 7.5 hours (or less) of candlelight per day can simply turn the candles off every other night instead of recharging them. Essentially, they can double the lifespan of the product by only charging them every other day.



Please note that you can stack up to 4 trays together and therefore charge up to 48 candles at one time. Furthermore, you can mix and match the tea lights, the votive and the tall votives.

Tea lights measure 1.5" x 1.5" and fit into most basic tea light holders. Alternatively, we sell some beatiful tea light holders.

Part of The Rechargeable Lighting Series. This rechargeable tea light set  is just one of our range of rechargeable tea lights and rechargeable candles

Comes with Tea Lights, Charging base, and plug. Also available as Votives and Tall Votives

Make sure to check out our full line of Flameless Candles


  • Catalog #: CAN17677
  • Manufacturer's Model: RE22100WH12

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  • what color is the flame white or yellow
    This item has a yellow flame.
  • how many charges will these take
    Make that a one year warranty on these items. My apologies
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