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  • EZ Pull Wireless Battery Pendant With Remote
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EZ Pull Wireless Battery Pendant With Remote

Manufacturer's Model: 002778
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What you need to know

With its stylish frosted glass shade and a nickel finished base, these unique battery-powered wireless LED Pendant Light offers an simple yet stylish solution for your home lighting needs. Ideal in kitchens and entryways, it provides a w... See more details below


  • 24 long-lasting super bright LEDs
  • Battery-powered wireless lighting fixture with remote and On | Off switch behind shade
  • Hangs easily on two molly bolts (Hardware included)
  • See more details below

Description & Features

  • 24 long-lasting super bright LEDs
  • Battery-powered wireless lighting fixture with remote and On | Off switch behind shade
  • Hangs easily on two molly bolts (Hardware included)
  • Light Specifications: 170 Lumens/50 W
  • Dimensions: 7" D x 8.5" H (Ceiling plate: 7.75" D x 2" H)
  • Adjustable Height: 18" - 48"
  • Lead wire: 36"
  • Requires 3 D batteries (Not included)

With its stylish frosted glass shade and a nickel finished base, these unique battery-powered wireless LED Pendant Light offers an simple yet stylish solution for your home lighting needs. Ideal in kitchens and entryways, it provides a warm, bright light and the adjustable cord allows you to customize this fixtures length to meet your requirements. With simple set-up and an included remote, the EZ PUll Wireless Pendant is a perfect alternative for lighting up any space. 

Each fixture has a total weight of 3 lbs.

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    by Lori H. on Thursday 03 July, 2014

    I ordered these lights to replace a potholder above my island in my kitchen. I ordered 2. They were easy to install and look great. I installed them myself within 10 minutes each. They give off enough light for a good ambiance. They were easy to adjust the length once I finally figured out what the instructions were saying and where it was pointing. My friends that have seen them were really surprised they were battery operated...

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Q & A

Recent Questions
  • Is the light dimmable or is there just a simple on/ off switch.
    Unfortunately this item does not come with a dimmer option.
  • How does the light mount to the ceiling?
    This pendant hangs easily on two molly bolts (hardware included)
  • How can I be su re that I won\'t have the same problems that Mr. William Smith had with his order?
    ;) How is Mr. Williams these days? I wish I could tell you that you won\'t have any complications regarding the shipping of these items however they are shipped by the manufacturer which is in Jersey and took a very bad hit during hurricane sandy. Frankly I\'m happy their still in business. If you do decide to place the order know that it may take some time to deliver and..Bare with them,,They\'ve been through a lot &..I\'m sure could use the business. Have a great day, Michael Barreto Customer service representative.
  • I own a pendant lamp.My puppy ate the remote.Where can I purchase a replacement remote?
    you have to go to manufacturer for that. Their website is:
  • Does this have to be hung on the ceiling and would it be appropriate for a bedroom?
    Thank you for your question, It is primarily meant for hanging from a ceiling. My concern for placing it on top of something would be an overheating issue Which could lead to a fire hazard or just overheat the bulb itself due to being completely enclosed. But they\'re suitable for any setting you wish to place them in.
  • Can this pendant be used in a gabled front entranceway outside?
    I think this question is best left to the manufacturer. It\'s made by exciting lighting here\'s a link to there website: Have a great day
  • Need to know the lumens,brightness and the K-rating. Also, what is the LED light (long lasting hours) consistency. Thank You
    Unfortunately, merely being a distributor of the product I don\'t have that information. However if you contact the manufacturer I\'m sure they\'d be more forthcoming with the answers you seek. It\'s made by exciting lighting & there number is (317) 846-9516 Sorry I couldn\'t be more helpful in this instance.
    It can match, but it is rubbed bronze. Not exactly stainless steel. Thank you!
    Indeed it is.
  • Do the EZ Pull Wireless Pendant lights come in any other color other than bronze? I\'ve seen pictures of it in what appears to be stainless steel. Is that another color option? Will it ever come in any other styles?
    Thank you for your question, To my knowledge this is the only color we carry this particular item in. If it will be available in other color that information has not been made available to me as of yet.
  • How many lumens are put out by one of these lights? What kind of bulbs does it take? What is the max bulb watt? Thanks! Dan
    Hi Dan, Unfortunately I\'m unaware of the correct lumen count. That question may be best answered by the manufacturer. There name is exciting lighting, Regarding watts, electricians usually suggest not exceeding 60 watts on any bulb that is enclosed in any way. You can put in a bigger bulb but the enclosed area mixed with the additional heat from the extra watts usually causes bulb life to shorten.
  • Will one remote control multiple lights? For example, if I order three pendants, will one remote control all three, or will I need to use three remotes?
    One remote will control multiple lights.
  • how many hours will the light run on batteries?
    200-300 hours on one set of batteries