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Ivory 6" Flameless Candle with Battery and Plug-in Option

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    1. Sunday 08 June, 2014

    Customer Rating:

    by Brian M.

    These are awesome candles for their application. I have four on switched power up in the 20' front dormers of our home in Canada. Now I have six switched for accent lighting above kitchen cabinets in our Arizona home...

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    1. Monday 26 May, 2014
    2. Verified via Ekomi

    Customer Rating:

    by Warren A.

    This product is being used as a Sanctuary Candle at the *** at *** where use of a real candle is not practical. I researched use of an electronic candle at *** on-line, and it is permitted. The candle is real wax and the flicker lamp looks unbelievably real. I didn't remove the clear plastic, which can't be seen. The price is GREAT and the product is of the highest quality. The only way you can tell the flame is not real is to look from the top to see the flicker bulb. I highly recommend this product for any application where a real wax candle is not practical or dangerous...

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    1. Wednesday 19 February, 2014
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    Customer Rating:

    by Patrice S.

    Excellent product. A minor drawback: only white available.

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  • How do you replace the bulb when it burns out? I know it\'s a flickering LED bulb, but can you give us more specifics in case we want to buy some of these bulbs?
    We\'ve never had one burn out so I honestly couldn\'t tell you. However if it did by some off chance burn out the bulb model would be right on the side of the bulb and could be purchased from many vendors either on or offline.
  • Can I keep this candle lit 24/7 as a memorial candle without any danger of overheating etc. If so what is the expected life span? Thanks
    These candles generally last about 28,000 hours. Give or take a few. And yes it can be run 24 hours.
  • i would love these candles if they had different color settings..i can find 12 color \"party candles\" with remote all over the net, but not one of them is \"PLUG IN\" all are battery powered..any chance you have the \"plug in\" candles above with remote and multi color settings ?..if not, why not ? :)
    Unfortunately none of our plug in candles are multi color. We used to have them they just didn\'t sell well enough to keep in stock so they were discontinued.
  • is this candle scent-free?
    Thank you for your question. Yes, this product is completely unscented.
  • can you use the plug in candlels outside
    No. These are for indoor use
  • Hello. Like this candle however need it in White. What do you recommend? Thanks
    here is a link to all of our plug in options, Hope you find it helpful.
  • Is this product able to be used on a daily basis and remain lit for 8 hours?
    It is
  • What is the candle made of? Wax or Resin? Both are mentioned. Does this candle use the three led triple flicker bulb?
    Candle is made of wax and resin. The shell is make of wax. Uses a single flickering LED bulb
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