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    White Mini Oriental Plug-in String Lights, Strand of 10

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    Price: $14.00
      1. Wednesday 19 February, 2014

      Customer Rating:

      by Amy S.

      These are really nice lights. My teenage daughter wanted them for her room. They look great. I was a little disappointed that one string of the four boxes I purchased did not work...

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    • Hello! I was wondering how long the strand of lights measure in total. Thanks
      These are 126 inches in total.
    • Are these lights solar powered? I browsed to them through a \"solar\" category but I don\'t see any mention of that in the description. (Browse>Novelty>Solar Lighting>String Lights>LLP10WHLN
      These items are only plug in string lights. You can view our solar powered model in the link below. Have a great day,
    • are replacement bulbs available in local hardware stores?
      Unfortunately none that I know of.
    • Do these require the purchase of a power source?
      No these come with a power source.
    • Hi there, I have a set of these, but need replacement globes as the ones I have are now very dirty. Is there somewhere I can order them from if not from you? I don\'t see them on your website. Thanks, Brian
      Unfortunately these are only sold in whole sets. And I don\'t believe they can be found anywhere else online. If we do have them someplace else it would be on Amazon. Though it would be sold as a whole set there as well.
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