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Moss Silk Effects Square Solar Lantern
# ALL17756
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Moss Silk Effects Square Solar Lantern

by Allsop

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Moss Silk Effects Square Solar Lantern by Allsop

Silk Effects Square  Solar Powered Lantern

Silk Effects Teardrop  Solar Powered Lantern collect light all day and turn themselves on at dusk to cast a beautiful shimmering glow at night, all without the hassle of electrical cords. Asian style festival lanterns in square and tear dropped shapes pop open for instant elegance. Constructed of a silk-like material, these lanterns create shimmering silhouettes in any outdoor environment. All Soji Silk Effects lanterns are equipped with dual white LED lights, solar panel, AAA rechargeable battery and stainless steel hanging handle.

Silk Effects Teardrop lanterns are hand-made, each is individual and has its own slight variances making each piece unique.

For outdoor use

10" wide, 12" high


  • On/Off switch
  • 2 high powered white LEDs
  • AAA rechargeable battery
  • Stainless steel hanging handle

Sunlight Needed: 6 hours (direct sunlight)

Available in Slate, Moss, Bronze, and Pearl

Part of of our Rechargeable Lighting series

Check out our full line of Solar Lanterns and Solar Lighting




  • Catalog #: ALL17756
  • Manufacturer's Model: 29802

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