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Lavender Mango Handmade Paper Star Lamp with Plug-in Cord

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Price: $40.00 $16.00

Lavender Mango Handmade Paper Star Lamp with Plug-in Cord

5 Point Paper Star Light made with color tissue paper. All our paper lights are collapsible and can be easily folded and expanded into a three dimensional shape without any special effort. These are easy to transport and handle. Comes with plug conforming to US standards (UL).

  • Socially responsible production
  • Overall size : 24"
  • Comes with an 11 foot plug-in cord
  • made of wood free paper
  • printed, punched and glued by hand
  • high grade materials and craftmanship
  • original and continuous new designs
  • stars illuminate with extraordinary beauty
  • environmentally & ecologically responsible
  • Hand Made in India

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