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  • i have a set 3 luminaire candle, but it is not working at all. The bottom on the candle is on/off/remote. Help!
    The candle has to be in the (on) position to work with the remote.
  • I have a luminaire candle lantern I turned the candle on my remote is able to turn it off but will not turn it back on what do I do
    Sounds to me like you may need a new remote control. They can be purchased in the link below.
  • I have a set of 8" taper Luminara candles and one of them will only turn on but not go to the timer setting or will not turn off with the switch on the bottom. In order to turn it off now I have to unscrew the bottom and it will go off and then I can tighten it back on and the next time I want to burn them I can click the bottom of the candle and it will come on but nothing else. Will a remote work on this if I turn it on the first time? Will the remote turn it off and then back on when I want it to burn. I must have a faulty switch in this candle.
    That's hard to say, not all Luminara candles are remote compatible so there's no way for us to know. If you did order a remote and it didn't work you're welcome to return it to us for up to 30 days.
  • If the candle has to be "ON" position to use remote & can be turned OFF with remote,is it still using battery life of the candle? If timmer is set & remote is used before the set time does it disrupt the set timer?
    leaving a battery in any item whether on or off will cause a drain however slight on the battery.
  • I am sliding the button to the right and pulling up but the remote still won't open. Help!
    slide it to the left and pull up towards you. If the remote is upside down with the back facing you.
  • can you sent a picture with instruction on how to open the remote - mine appears to be stuck . new candle - never used and does not work
    turn the back of the remote towards you and flip it upside down. On the left side should be a button..That button needs to be slid to the right with your thumb. Once slid hold it in that position and pull up. It should slide right out for you when done correctly.
  • I have a new Luminaria lantern with a moving wick candle that I bought a few months ago for my front porch and it came with a remote control. I just opened it since it wasn't going to be used until the holidays. The remote control works fine on it, but I have 3 Luminaria moving wick candles I bought last year, and the remote doesn't work for them. I usually have these candles set on a timer, but I tried to use the remote on the "on" setting and it didn't work. Any suggestions?
    Not all luminara candles are remote ready. If I had to guess Id say yours weren't as your remote is working on the candle in the lantern and 1remote would control every candle. .
  • how do you open the remote for the Luminara moving wick candle. no instructions included.
    First, you turn it over. Once your looking at the back of it you'll see the battery cover towards the bottom of the remote. On the very bottom side of the cover you'll see a little button. That button can be slid over to the right with your thumb, Once slid to the side the lock is off and the cover can be slid down. This has to be done while you're still pushing/holding the button to the right.
  • I need a new remote for my 6 piece flameless candle set bought at Sam's club 2 years ago. Can I be helped? Has 0n/off/6h written on remote . thanks!
    Unfortunately we've never done business with Sam's club so we have no idea which remote you'd be seeking. I'd try finding the manufacturer, giving them the model number of your candles and asking they they have a remote you could purchase for it. Best Regards, Lights
  • how do I know which remote I need for my luminara dream candle. I ordered two and they don't work.
    Your candle may not be remote compatible. If it is, it should be set to the "On" position as it will not work with the remote if it's in timer position. The item can be found on our website by typing lumrem Into the searchbar at the top of our website.
  • I have a broken remote for my Flameless Brand candles. Will the Luminara remote work for them? I need a simple on/off remote.
    While it is possible that your candles can read the frequency from these remotes, we only suggest using Luminara remotes for remote ready Luminara candles.
  • How can Ii tell if my luminara candles are remote compatible? I do not have the boxes they came in anymore.
    Hi there, All of the Luminara candles we carry are remote ready.
  • Will this remote make any flamless candle into a remote candle?
    Not at all. It only works with Luminara candles. And not all of their candles are remote compatible.

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