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    JellyWash Mood Light by Mathmos
    # MAT1664
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    JellyWash Mood Light by Mathmos

    by Mathmos

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    Price: $179.99 $127.50

    JellyWash Mood Light by Mathmos by Mathmos

    JellyWash Mood Light by Mathmos - Unleash the power of Beautiful plug and play mood light and touch!

    Change the environment of any room. You can dramatically change the look of your room without any paint. Perfect for any occasion or any time of the year. Lamp has an integrated touch panel so no need to fumble for remotes or switches. 

    16,000,000 Color Wash wall lamp controlled by an innovative touch sensor, design and sell by Yantouch corp. Left/Right to rotate the color of the Rainbow, Up/Down to select the color in touch panel. Continue Up/Down to adjust the brightness. Double Click to loop colors. Up/Down select the Speed of the Flow.

    Triple Click to select primary colors one at a time. Hold 3 seconds to turn off. Any tap again to turn it on. It remembers the last state. Use your fingernail.

    Check out our full line of Mathmos. Click here for more information



    • Catalog #: MAT1664
    • Manufacturer's Model: JLW0037

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