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  • do the candles flicker and how long does your tallest taper last with new batteries? I'm look for the most realistic overall look.
    They usually last a little over a month. And yes these certainly do flicker.
  • Can these tapers be used in other candlesticks?
    Thank you for your question, They aren't attached to the candlestick at all So yes they can be used in other candlesticks. Though The candlestick itself is only about a half an inch in diameter. But if you have a small enough candlestick, then it's more than doable.
  • Does this candle offer the same realistic flickering flame as Luminara candles?
    It does not. We have Luminara taper candles. They will be available next week
  • Hi, I would like to know if you can send the product to Israel and what is the cost.
    We can ship to Israel, However in order to give you an exact estimate we would first need the address the items were being shipped to. I would also need to know what items you wanted to purchase because the weight of the purchase would effect the shipping cost. If you give me that information I'd be happy to get you an accurate estimate. Michael Barreto Customer service representative
  • Does this led candlestick have a small flame shaped panel that reflects the light ?
    The wick itself is lit up