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  • I'm repurposing an old chandelier above a table on my front porch. It is not powered, so I thought these would work great in the holders (once we remove all the electrical parts). Question -will they all come on at the same time with the remote? Or do you have to point them close to each one individually?
    The range of the remote for the White Taper Candles is about 1-2 feet, so, depending on the size of the chandelier, you may have to point and click the remote more than once.
  • Hi, I really like the capabilities these candles have. The batteries though only last 120 hours? Doesn't seem like a long time at all. I've seen others that last a lot longer. Any recommendations on what batteries are best to use with these? Thanks.
    Rechargeable AAs The higher the MAH the longer the battery itself will last.
  • I have read a review on Amazon that said "If you order the candles with a gold base the flame color will be orange. If you order the silver base the flame color will be a natural light amber color much like a real candle. Is this true? Thanks.
    They're all manufactured the same way in the same place to be the same color. (beside their bases.)
  • I am looking for a candle with a white light,not a amber one. also how long does the candle stay lit when it is turned on by the remote, Really i am looking for candles that stay lit from dusk to dawn,
  • Are these candles also sold individual? I need 9 candies for my space.
    No though we do sell a similar item in a set of 4 which you can view in the link below.
  • Will I be able to take the bases off and put these in another base?
  • We're looking for candles that can be used in a historic municipal building with 65 windows. The remote may be great, or might not work for our application bc of all the many rooms. Can the 4 or 8 hour timer option be set directly from the candle? Also, is there a difference in the flame color between the silver and gold base products? Thanks!
    We do sell the same item in sets of 4 without remotes. They do have a 5 hour timer and can be seen in the link below They come with the same color bases and the lights on both candles gold/silver are the same.
  • Are there instructions for setting the candles up to come on the same time each night and stay on for 8 hours?
    As soon as they're turned on the timer is as well so it's just a matter of turning them on at the same time.
  • The way these look, flickering light, and adjustable brightness are ideal for what I'm looking for: however, I need candles that can be turned on and off, and have the brightness controlled, by the person holding it -for use by a choir. Would these work for that, or do you have a similar product that would? Thank you.
    These would certainly suit your purpose.
  • I'm looking for tapered candles with holders that have a very bright LED so when I put them in my windows for Christmas they will shine very bright. Is there any kind that you sell. The ones in department stores are not bright at all.
    These guys are used far and wide throughout the nation come holiday season with little to no complaint. We expect they'll suit you perfectly.