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Flicker & Color Change
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    Flameless Resin Candle with Amber or Color Change Options, Set of 8

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      1. Thursday 03 July, 2014
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      Customer Rating:

      by Susan B.

      I used the product for a wedding in a location that didn't allow real flame candles. They looked beautiful. Just used the amber flames not the changing ones...

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      1. Monday 02 June, 2014
      2. Verified via Ekomi

      Customer Rating:

      by Lisa D.

      The quality of these flameless candles were perfect for a wedding in iron chandeliers. They looked like real candles and when it rained, it didn't matter! They still glowed perfectly...

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      1. Wednesday 21 May, 2014
      2. Verified via Ekomi

      Customer Rating:

      by Debra Z.

      These flameless candles were on sale and the are a great bargain for a great product.

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    • What size are these?
      2\" Diameter x 2.875\" Height
    • What type battery do most take
      CR2032 ( Included)
    • 1- is there a timer function so they will turn off after a few hours? 2. I don\'t understand the color changing. Do they cycle thru various colors, or can u set them to one color? Thank u!
      They cycle through colors and unfortunately they do not have a timer.
    • are these remote controlled?
      Unfortunately no they are not.
    • Having trouble redeeming my Living Social Coupon. Any suggestions, other options?
      certainly, Please call us at 866-490-9358. I\'m sure any one of our reps would be happy to help you create your purchase. All the best. Michael B Customer service representative
    • When you say 60 hour run time is that continuous? I\'m needing these to operate for an eight hour period.
      60 hours means just that, either continuous use or fragmented. This item will light up to 60 hours give or take a few.
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