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Mirage 5" Ivory Flameless Candle with Timer

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    1. Sunday 13 July, 2014
    2. Verified via Ekomi

    Customer Rating:

    by Sandra Z.

    I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend the flameless candles and your website to others...

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    1. Wednesday 15 January, 2014

    Customer Rating:

    by Carole A.

    If you are looking for "natural" glow, nothing beats this style for ambience. The auto timer is also perfect for setting the mood without having to do anything but enjoy your surroundings without hassle or worry because it is safe and easy.Owning all three sizes makes a wonderful display, owning several in one size makes a dramatic impression...

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    1. Friday 10 January, 2014

    Customer Rating:

    by James G.

    Quite impressed! I can’t help turning them on over and over all day long so far. The effect looks like it has a hot wick and dark combustion areas appearing in the flame edges. I’ve looked them all over and then entire beautiful illusion is apparently created with two yellowish variable LEDs projecting on a curved “flame” surface and it seems to glow. 3 feet away or more, you would never know these aren’t real. Even closer depending on the angle. Very ingenious...

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  • How do I set the timer I lost my directions
    The timer is set as soon as you turn the item on manually. Once it\'s turned on it stays that way for 5 hours then turns itself off for 19 hours turning itself back on at the same time the next day. But the timer itself is a built in feature not a button feature. Hope you find this helpful, All the best. LampLust customer service
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