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  • Are these the candles that you can put on by touching the "flame"? If not, do you sell those? Thank you.
    Yes you push the flame down and they come on.
  • Are these flickering or moving?
  • Hi - I'd not need/want them to come back on every day at the same time. I'd just be using them for dinner parties, etc. So if I push the flame to turn on how do I de-activate the timer? Thank you.
    Hello - These Tapers do not have the option to have a Steady On, they only work on a 5-Hr Timer cycle. We are currently in the process of having our new Push Activated Tapers come into stock. The new Tapers will have a Steady On Option and a Remote Control. Good Day
  • Please explain the push to turn on better. What do you push? How hard? does it go off in 5 hours after pushing it and then not back on until it is pushed again? Would this type of candle would in ha hanging candle chandelier without glass globes?
    This candle is activated by pushing down on the flame itself. The timer is automatically activated and should cycle each day, powering on and off at the same time.
  • What is the difference between flicker and moving flame?
    A flickering flame references a flicker effect that the LED has, a moving flame candle has both a flickering LED light and a "flame" that actually moves.
  • Hi, The description says 'warm white' leds and also says 'amber glow'.... Is the flame color warm white or amber? Thank you 😊
    Apologies for the confusion, it is a warm white LED