• Cream Mini Flameless Votive with Faux Wick, Set of 12
  • Cream Mini Flameless Votive with Faux Wick, Set of 12
  • Cream Mini Flameless Votive with Faux Wick, Set of 12
  • Cream Mini Flameless Votive with Faux Wick, Set of 12
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Cream Mini Flameless Votive with Faux Wick, Set of 12

Item#: CIFC0004-A
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Product Information

This set of 12 mini flameless votives are a great option for creative mood lighting that can range from the simple to the dramatic. Each mini votive is battery operated with an approximate life of 100 hours, and features Candle Impressions' patented black wick for a more realistic look whether the votives are on or off. Use these mini votives for weddings, birthdays, date night or even home spa nights.

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Recent Questions
  • One of your reviews said that over half the box did not work as the batteries were dead. As this is a final sales item, how would you handle this since I need 200 tealights?
    It is always a possibility that batteries will be dead when they arrive, but it is highly uncommon. We happen to sell a set of 25 batteries for $3.99 here: http://www.lights.com/cr2032-batteries-set-of-25-p-37297.html These are the batteries the Cream Mini Flameless Votive with Faux Wick use. If you are nervous about batteries dying, I would recommend buying a set or two of replacement batteries to have on hand.
  • Can you describe the color of these tea lights? It says cream and amber. Are they an orange color?
    The candle itself is a cream color and the flickering LED is an amber color which gives the Cream Mini Flameless Votive Set an extremely realistic candle look. The color of the LED is closer to yellow than orange.
  • How today I change the battery. I opened one and broke the plastic disc
    In order to change the battery in the Cream Mini Flameless Votive with Faux Wick, Set of 12, you first unscrew the the mini screw on the bottom. Then, using a coin, you unscrew the plastic disk.
  • I just wanted to know if I can fit these candles to the candle holders from the Dollar Tree? I have copied the URL below https://www.dollartree.com/household/home-decor/Candleholders/Long-Stem-Glass-Tealight-Candleholders/500c542c911p331127/index.pro
    These are and inch and a half in diameter so they should.
  • What are the dimensions?
    Hello, the dimensions are 1.5" D x 0.75" H.
  • Are these lights able to float on water. I don't want them to be submerged. Please let me know. Thank you!
    This candles are for dry displays only and are not suitable for use in water displays.
  • How much does each tealight weigh? I want to hang from ceiling but only have a .5 pound maximum including a glass globe ...
    Each tea light weighs 0.3 oz.
  • are you sure they don't have timers. I bought a set before and they had timers.
    I cross referenced with the manufacturer, and these tea lights do not include a timer.
  • What is the battery type (AA? AAA?) used for the cream Mini Flameless Votive with Faux Wick (CIFC0004-A)?
    Each of these votives include one replaceable CR2032 cell battery
  • Can this tealight candles be use with a remote control?
    These candles do not come with a remote, but may be compatible with Candle Impression remotes.
  • Are these really 1.5" in diameter like the description states or are they 3/4 " in diameter?
    Hi there, These are 1.5" in diameter as stated.
  • Does the Flameless votive set of 12 have timers?
    No it does not.
  • How wide is this? Looking for something small to fit in 1 3/8" opening.
    These are three quarters of an inch in diameter.