• Cool White 200 LED Plug-in Low Voltage Outdoor String Lights with 8 Functions
  • Cool White 200 LED Plug-in Low Voltage Outdoor String Lights with 8 Functions
  • Cool White 200 LED Plug-in Low Voltage Outdoor String Lights with 8 Functions
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Cool White 200 LED Plug-in Low Voltage Outdoor String Lights with 8 Functions

Item#: LS100CW12x2-LC4412
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Product Information

200 Cool White LED Plug-in Outdoor String Lights with 8 Functions

Easily decorate your home this holiday season with this new and innovative low voltage connectable string light system. This set includes 2 strands of 100 LED's which connect to each other and 1 x Plug-in Transformer. Add an additional 10 strands for a total of 1200 LED's on a 10.8 w transformer!

Two x Cool White 100 LED Connectable String Light Strands & 1 x Plug-in Transformer

752" length total (62.5 feet). Each Strand is 197" in length

IP44 Transformer 10w, 12V AC, with controller

Only uses 10.8 W for entire 1200 LED system! Eliminate the risk of high voltage lights

UL approved

Available in Cool White, Warm White and Multicolor

8 functions controlled by button : Combination, In Waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle/Flash, Steady On

Lights can be used indoors and outdoors (not submersible)

Connects in seconds

Low voltage system reduces the risk of injury and danger

Perfect for any time of the year, especially holiday season

Option to Purchase D Battery Box or Solar Panel to use with same lights

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Recent Questions
  • Greetings, I have setup several lines of the LEDs and was hoping you could help me identify a workaround. I have a need for the lights to remain in the solid state (always on), however, whenever the timer goes on, the lights default to cycling through all of the settings. Is there anyway to set them so that they only stay on and do not cycle through, even when the power is removed and reapplied? Thanks, Ed
    Unfortunately as of right now there is no workaround for the timer. We are manufacturing battery packs and plugs with a timer option as opposed to an automatic timer but those won't be arriving in our warehouses for another month or so. Once they do your welcome to revisit the site and purchase one. All the best,
  • Hi, me again :) Each time I try to click on a more information link, or the see our full line link, I get a message that says it is a restricted area and I am not able to get more information. Is that an error with the site or do I have to have special access? Thanks again, Ed
    No special access needed. It just means there's no additional info available. If you tell me what it is you have a question about I'd be happy to help. All the best LampLust Customer service.
  • Greetings, I have a 12v low voltage transformer already installed in my yard that I was going to connect these lights to. Will I have to use your transformer in order to get the lights twinkling? If so, is there a way to connect your transformer to mine so that mine would be the main controller (it is on a timer system)? Thanks, Ed
    Our lights are on a timer. And it is possible to connect them without the transformer. Though it isn't suggested. Our lights always default to their first setting which causes the lights to cycle through all of the settings. You'd need our adapter to bring it back to the setting you desire. At the end of the day anyhtings possible. But its certainly not suggested.