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  • Is there a manual for the remote. I just purchased and the cube works great, but there are no instructions for the functions on the remote.
    Starting from the top left you have the brighter and dimmer buttons. Pressing either of those will cause the cube to go either dimmer or brighter. Next we have the on/and off switches. Under those we have colors, pressing any of those will turn the cube to the desired color. On the right side starting from the bottom we have Smooth- which will cause the items to cycle through the colors smoothly. Fade- which is like smooth but slower. Strobe- a slightly rapid flashing Flash-changes colors with a flash instead of fading out. And last we have the timer buttons, The 4hr timer will set the cube to turn off in 4 hours. The 5 hour delay will do that for 5.
  • How long does it need to charge till it's fully charged? We lost the adaptors and are down to one.
    About 12 hours.
  • I just received my cubes today and started charging them. Is there any specific way to use the remote? There are no instructions and mine seem to not be working at all. I did remove the plastic tag protecting the battery and still not working.
    The cubes have to be turned on manually with the button underneath them, once turned on the remote should be able to control the cubes without issue. We'll send you some new remote batteries now, that should correct any issues if the troubleshooting doesn't help. If, once you've received the batteries the problem persists please give us a call at 866-490-9358 and we'd be happy to lend you further assistance. Best Regards, Lights
  • Hi - is there a user manual i can refer to online? i recived my cube this week and it has the components (cube, plug, remote) and charged it for well over 24hrs across various power sources but i can not get it to turn on. any pointers or is it just defective? thanks! bought through amazon Order # 109-5472269-1542657 - Marina Harper
    Good day marina, we'll send you a prepaid UPS return label now. You can either send back the entire cube. or just the inside piece with the plug. We'll have working replacements tested and shipped to you as soon as your return is back in our care. Best Regards,
  • Would a person be able to sit on them? I'm with a theatre company and we're interested in using them as seats in a production.
    Definitely! We have a couple in our office that we use for seating. Cheers
  • I purchased this item a couple of months ago and the lights are not functioning properly. The white color flickers and then will become very dim. What are my options?
    Hi there, If you forward your issue and provide your order number to our customer service department at or 1-866-490-9358, someone will be able to assist you further. All the best.
  • Are the cubes seamless or not?
    Yes they are.
  • a few days ago when i was walking around I accidently stepped on the remote and broke it, is there any way I could buy a replacement remote?
    Please call us with your order # at 866-490-9358 between the hours of 9am-6pm eastern time. One of our reps would be happy to assist you.
  • Is there a charging station or just plug it in? Can you leave it plugged in?
    These cubes have an adapter that plugs into the underside of the cube and yes, they can be left plugged in.
  • I received this as a gift, I just opened there is no instruction manual and nothing to charge the cube. Just the cube itself and remote. What do I do?
    If you give me the order number or the first and last name of the purchaser I'd be happy to have a replacement plug sent to you. If the product was shipped to them first I would need your address as well. You can email that info to Have a great day, Michael
  • How heavy are they? How long to ship?
    With standard shipping items usually arrive at their destinations within 7 business days and they weight about 10 lbs
  • Do you have any larger than 16" by 16". We have a dance studio and would like to use them in between sofa couches,thank you
    Unfortunately this item only comes in the one size.
  • Just received two cubes. The ones at $105.00 each. No instructions. I right now have them plugged in to charge. There s a small lied light on now. I figure to let me know they are charging. Is this correct? Does the light color change when they are fully charged.? I haven't tried the remote yet without the lights being plugged in when charging. So is it correct in saying the remotes only work after they have been charged up? Tom Tibbetts Iii
    The remotes should work while the item is charging. The light should also go off once it's fully charged though I'm not positive in that. It will be fully charged after 8 hours though.
  • On opening page for the cubes. It has More Buying choices 1 for $105.00 then 2 for !05.00. What is this about?
    That.. Is a typo. One that I will see corrected now. Thank you for pointing that out.
  • Can you leave it on just white or does it always have to change color?
    It can be just just white.
  • Is the cube a single molded piece or two halves glued/affixed together? Thanks!
    It is one single piece.

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