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# LAM28715
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Color Changing LED Cube Light

by LampLust

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Price: $200.00 $130.00

More Buying Choices:

  • 6 for $125.00 ea.

Main Features

  • Color Changing
  • Remote Control
  • Rechargeable
  • Water Resistant

Color Changing LED Cube Light by LampLust

This durable and enchanting LED cube light is designed for indoor and outdoor use, it is water resistant and is great for use around the pool, spa or anywhere the ultimate light experience is desired.  These mood lights work well in any room around the house, and are great for parties.  You have the option of choosing from seven great colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue and White. Or you you can choose one of the color changing modules.  Experience the total freedom with the built-in rechargeable battery that powers up prior to the party then detach the cord and let the fun begin.


  • White resin cube with color changing LED light
  • Can be controlled by mood button on the bottom or remote (included)
  • The lights are well built and can be used for sitting, supporting up to 300 lbs  (For safety reasons do not stand on the cube.)
  • Power the item ON & OFF with the remote as well as control the timer with a 3, 4 or 5 hour option
  • Made for Indoor and outdoor use and water resistant>
  • Light-weight  and easy to move
  • Dimensions: 15.75"H x 15.25"W x 15.25"L
  • Battery Life - Lithium battery that can be fully charged 350 times which is at least two years when used frequently
  • Catalog #: LAM28715
  • Manufacturer's Model: CUBE4013
    1. Wednesday 19 February, 2014
    2. Verified via Ekomi

    Customer Rating:

    by Mary B.

    I bought several of these as gifts and the recipients loved them! They are very unique, durable, and make a fabulous statement indoors and out. The colors are vivid and really dimension to a room...

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    1. Thursday 13 March, 2014

    Customer Rating:

    by Lesley L.

    Not only did I get my order in RECORD time (2 days), but the LED changing color cubes are GREAT!! My kids and I love them. They charged within a few hours and each of my children claimed a cube for their room, even though they were ordered for outside! We will see if they let me take them outside, ever ;) Thanks for a great product at a great price!..

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    1. Thursday 13 February, 2014

    Customer Rating:

    by John C.

    On vacation recently saw these really cool light changing 16" cubes. When we returned home I did some research online. Found these at I contacted them, and after talking to Sam, a salesman, was confident enough to order them. Arrived after only 4 days, and are exactly as described. Colors are many or can be locked into one. They seem durable and can't wait to use them on my deck this Spring. Will probably order more. was so easy to deal with. ( even waived shipping). Thanks, Sam...

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  • a few days ago when i was walking around I accidently stepped on the remote and broke it, is there any way I could buy a replacement remote?
    Please call us with your order # at 866-490-9358 between the hours of 9am-6pm eastern time. One of our reps would be happy to assist you.
  • Is there a charging station or just plug it in? Can you leave it plugged in?
    These cubes have an adapter that plugs into the underside of the cube and yes, they can be left plugged in.
  • I received this as a gift, I just opened there is no instruction manual and nothing to charge the cube. Just the cube itself and remote. What do I do?
    If you give me the order number or the first and last name of the purchaser I\'d be happy to have a replacement plug sent to you. If the product was shipped to them first I would need your address as well. You can email that info to Have a great day, Michael
  • How heavy are they? How long to ship?
    With standard shipping items usually arrive at their destinations within 7 business days and they weight about 10 lbs
  • Do you have any larger than 16\" by 16\". We have a dance studio and would like to use them in between sofa couches,thank you
    Unfortunately this item only comes in the one size.
  • Just received two cubes. The ones at $105.00 each. No instructions. I right now have them plugged in to charge. There s a small lied light on now. I figure to let me know they are charging. Is this correct? Does the light color change when they are fully charged.? I haven\'t tried the remote yet without the lights being plugged in when charging. So is it correct in saying the remotes only work after they have been charged up? Tom Tibbetts Iii
    The remotes should work while the item is charging. The light should also go off once it\'s fully charged though I\'m not positive in that. It will be fully charged after 8 hours though.
  • On opening page for the cubes. It has More Buying choices 1 for $105.00 then 2 for !05.00. What is this about?
    That.. Is a typo. One that I will see corrected now. Thank you for pointing that out.
  • Can you leave it on just white or does it always have to change color?
    It can be just just white.
  • Is the cube a single molded piece or two halves glued/affixed together? Thanks!
    It is one single piece.
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