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  • I want to string butterflies across a 12' span. From the answers in recent questions, it appears this is not possible. Do you have other small strings of lights that will achieve this goal? Thank you
    For immediate assistance finding a string system that fits your needs, please contact our customer service department at or by phone at 1-866-490-9358
  • I gave these away as a gift and did not look at them very close. The person I gave them too said they can not be connected end to end, is that true?
    That is correct. these only connect near the power source itself.
  • How many sets of lights can be connected to each other? Thanks Trish
    How many ya got? Just kidding. A limit hasn't been set on the number. But for safety purposes I wouldn't suggest more than 5 in one socket.
  • Are these butterflies made of mesh metal?