• AA Battery Box with Timer
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AA Battery Box with Timer

Item#: LC003457
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Exclusively compatilble with our Lights.com connectable Christmas string lights, you can connect up to 4 of our Christmas string lights together with this AA battery box. A low voltage alternative perfect for indoor and outdoor use, each battery box has a control panel on the box itself, with and On | Off button switch, 8-hour timer option, and 8-light sequence options to choose from!

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Recent Questions
  • Can this be used with your string lights that are already battery-operated to add a timer function? E.g. the moroccan gold globe string lights?
    These are only compatible with the light sin the link below. http://www.lights.com/warm-white-100-led-strand-for-connectable-string-light-systems-p-16823.html
  • Can this be used with your battery powered lights to add a timer function?
    It's compatible with these strings http://www.lights.com/strand-connectable-string-light-systems-p-36987.html?xsell=1 And yes it would make them timed once connected.
  • It is an 8 hour timer? I see reference to 6 hours on?
    It is an 8 hour timer.
  • If I set this on a timer, then change the battery while the light is off, do I need to reset the timer or does it remember mechanically?
    If you take out a battery the timer automatically resets. It will start again once the item is turned on manually again.
  • Can I set these to turn ON AT 3AM and OFF 8 hours later, or they only go on at dusk and OFF at dawn? Or can I completely control the phase? Are there are other products that do this?
    These only have a 6 hour timer. So if turned on at 3 they would go off by 9. Our solar panel turns on when it gets dark and stays on for approximately 6 hours. http://www.lights.com/solar-panel-ii-p-37341.html And our D battery box has a 6 hour timer as well but you can opt not to use it and let the lights run indefinitely. http://www.lights.com/d-battery-box-with-timer--p-34410.html
  • Install string of red lights along gutter to guide EMT's to our house. Can be seen easily from street (in the dark). Turn on at battery box inside the house. Will these work? Are the lights bright enough?
    No these are only compatible with these lights http://www.lights.com/multicolor-100-led-strand-for-connectable-string-light-systems-p-16825.html http://www.lights.com/cool-white-100-led-rope-light-for-connectable-system-p-36616.html http://www.lights.com/color-changing-rope-lights-connectable-system-p-36619.html?xsell=1
  • Does the 8 hour timer mean 8 hours on then 16 hours off then 8 hours on again, etc., etc..
    That is precisely what it means.