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Cyrus Flameless Wax Taper Candle, Set of 3

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    1. Saturday 14 June, 2014
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    Customer Rating:

    by William S.

    Just exactly what I was looking for.

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    1. Wednesday 19 February, 2014
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    Customer Rating:

    by Jim W.

    excellent product and service. Now if I could get this response to work all would be fine.

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    1. Thursday 16 January, 2014

    Customer Rating:

    by Patricia W.

    The older I get, the less I like real flames in my house. I have lots of beautiful candlestick holders but seldom use them because of that. These taper candles are perfect. They are made of wax and fit into my holders just like real candles. If they don't fit your holders, just whittle them down or drip some soft wax in the holder to tighten them up. I feel these were a very good value...

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  • These will be put in a red glass container in a church. Will they be visible through the red glass at a distance? Will they stand on their own without a candle holder/ Thank you, Gen Clapp
    You should be able to see it at a distance without any problems. The batteries depending on their life will last anywhere from 50 - 100 hours. I don\'t believe these will stand on their own. Their base is soft and pliable so they can be easily fit into a candle holder.
  • How big is the base of the candle? Can you give me a measurement of the diameter? I just bought an amazing electric candlelabra at a yard sale but the wiring is scary! I\'d like to pull out the wiring & just install candles like these.
    the base of these are .875\" in diameter. The base is a very soft rubber allowing it to mold itself into slightly smaller fixtures.
  • I will need about 40-50 battery-powered candles that are sturdy enough for 1st grade children to carry. Would these candles be appropriate for that?? Debbie Dyer
    These are fine for that purpose.
  • I\'m looking for 6 - 6.5 inch taper that also have a timer function. Do you have any candles that meet this description. Thanks, Pam
    I\'m sorry Pam, The closest thing we have matching that description is a 7\" taper. Here\'s a link to it in case you\'d like to look it over. Hope you found that helpful, if not then I wish you luck on your search. Happy almost holidays.
  • I would like to know what the cost would be for 100 of the led tapered candles. Noticed on the website that they were 3 for $10.00 but wondered if there was more of a reduction if you bought 100. Wanting to use for a Christmas Program in December. Thanks! Marc McFarland Antioch Baptist Church Lumberton, NC 910-739-9425, Ext. 12
    Hi Marc, Forgive the delay, Being that we\'re in N.Y we were slightly effected by the hurricane. One of our sales reps will contact you regarding this shortly. Thank you for shopping with Lamp Lust. Have a great day, Michael B. Customer service representative.
  • I am looking for a flameless taper that has a bottom cap with prongs to stick in a wreath. Can you help me? Thanks. Lynn
    We have a taper candle set with clips. This should be on our site next week
  • I need to purchase 275 flameless tapered candles. Due to this quantity, I will need to consider the final cost. What among this product and should you have other flameless tapered candles, what would you suggest . . . I would need delivery no later than November 15. Please let me know? Thank you. Jean
    Good day jean I think this may best be handled by one of our sales reps, If you could contact me with some basic information like. Name: Phone #: email address: item you\'d like to order: (If known) quantity: Just email that information to and I\'d be happy to have someone contact you at the earliest possible convenience. Thank you and have a great day. Michael Customer service
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