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    Set of 4 Battery Operated LED Flickering Tea Lights w/Auto Timer

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      1. Thursday 03 July, 2014

      Customer Rating:

      by Al S.

      Nice lights, work well. Good value. Ordering was easy and delivery was as expected. Would definitely order again and probably will...

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      1. Wednesday 26 February, 2014
      2. Verified via Ekomi

      Customer Rating:

      by Aletha M.

      Wished the timer went on every day at the same time.

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      1. Thursday 20 February, 2014
      2. Verified via Ekomi

      Customer Rating:

      by Andrea S.

      excellent item, can't wait to buy more.

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    • How much is the shipping? I looked everywhere and I can\'t find it. Also if I order 2 sets is the shipping price the same?
      Flat Rate shipping is $9.99. Orders over $99 are eligible for free shipping
    • do these take 1 or 2 batteries each? If you do turn to off position, they will not cycle back on, correct? So, you extend the life if you only use occasionally and turn off manully? THank you.
      Turning them off manually should certainly save on battery life and they take one battery each.
    • So I just got these in the mail today and turned them on at four and it is now 10 and they are still on. Aren\'t they supposed to turn off in five hours??? The item number on the box is LTT412 and it says they have a five hour auto timer.
      they should turn off on their own if they haven\'t they may very well be defective. If you give me your order/invoice number I\'d be happy to have replacements sent to you. have a great day. Michael Barreto Customer service representative.
    • can these be used outdoors in luminaries that will be exposed to the elements
      I would not suggest you use them outdoors.
    • Are these candles waterproof? I have the plastic luminaries and the Lumabase, but I want to know if I can leave these lights outside in the plastic luminaries even if it rains. Thanks!
      Personally, I wouldn\'t risk it. These are listed as an indoor item.
      Thank you for your question, These lights are more yellow then amber. And yes they do flicker.
    • I just wanted to confirm that these tea lights DO have a timer? I have ordered timer tea lights from two other stores but when they arrived, they actually did not have the auto on/off capability.
      There are two modes Off /on-timer. In the on position, lights will stay on for 5 hours and cycle will repeat every day..
      Thank you for your question, This item is actually currently not in stock, We aren\'t expecting them to arrive until next week. So unfortunately I\'m unable to fully answer that question at this time, My apologies. If they were available it would take approximately 3-4 days for arrival.
    • does total running time mean actual running time . in other words about 14-16 total days of 5 hour periods?
      Thank you for your question, That\'s correct, generally batteries last about a month or so give or take a few days.
    • What is the measurement of a tea light?
      Hi Barbara, Unfortunately this item isn\'t in our warehouse just yet, So we have no logistics available for you at this time. They\'re expected to arrive on the 26th At which time I\'m sure the description will be updated. But if it\'s anything like our other tea lights it\'ll be about 1.5\" in diameter And 1.25\" high. Thank you for your question, Have a very happy thanksgiving, Michael Barreto Customer service representative.
    • How do you set when the 5 hour period is with only and on/off button?
      The options are OFF and ON. In the on position, the light will stay on for 5 hours and repeat the cycle the next day
    • How many hours will the battery last?
      70 - 80
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